General Info

Hello! If you’re here, that means you’re interested in having me review your novel!

At this time, I am currently OPEN to review requests. Currently, I am accepting Adult, Young Adult, or New Adult books for review, in physical copy format (ARC or hardcover).

At this time, I will not accept e-books and self-published books.

You can send emails to:


First and foremost, you can check to see if your book is currently on my TBR list. If it’s there, then I’ll undoubtedly want to read it!

The Adult, YA and NA genres that I am currently accepting are:

  • Historical Fiction

  • Contemporary Fiction

  • Fantasy (I’m pretty picky about this)

  • Non-Fiction

  • Women’s Fiction (“Chick-lit”)


I write reviews that are very relaxed in nature. I strive to give the feeling of a chat amongst friends when I’m reviewing a book. I write fair, honest reviews, which sometimes does mean a negative review. I cannot guarantee that I will provide a positive review of a book.

If a book did not work for me, I will explain why to my readers in an honest but respectful way. I do not review in a way that will be nasty or disrespectful towards the author of the book.