We Got A Puppy!


Hello everyone!

So, you can probably guess from the title of today’s post what I’m here to tell you guys about… Yes, Steven and I got a puppy!!

I am a dog person. Like, there is no other pet that could come close to giving me the same amount of joy that a dog does. (Also, I’m allergic to and mildly freaked out by cats, so there’s that.) I’ve owned dogs for as long as I’ve been alive, aside from like 2 months when i was 9 - which was just the period we had to wait before getting my next dog. I love dogs, but sadly, Steven hasn’t always. When we started dating, he told me that he definitely did not like dogs. When he was a kid, he got jumped on by an overly-friendly husky and broke his arm, so it turned him off dogs completely. However, I’ve spent the past 6 years convincing him that dogs are genuinely the best and while I give myself a lot of credit, I think spending time with my dog Miley made him realize that he truly is a dog lover.

So really, when we started discussing the possibility of getting a puppy earlier this year, it wasn’t really a hard decision.

Readers, I’d like you to meet Leia!


I’ll definitely post more in the future about the whole process of getting our puppy (it was our first time going through this ourselves!), but I just wanted to pop in and introduce you guys to the newest member of our family!

Leia’s a Havanese, which is a toy-breed companion dog. Meaning she’s tiny. Very tiny. Right now, she’s a bit too thin - we’re working on it! - and she weighs about 3.9 lbs. We picked her up on September 1 when she was 11 weeks old. That’s a bit older than you would typically pick up your puppy, but as we were on vacay, we had to wait a little longer to take her home. Currently, she’s 12 weeks old and she’ll be 3 months old on September 13!

Of course, we named her after Princess Leia Organa from Star Wars. Once I mentioned the name to Steven, that was it. There was no other name that could fit this little fighter better!

Steven and I are absolutely THRILLED. Honestly, could not be happier. The whole process has been crazy, fun, and amazing - and tiring. We’re so excited (and a little nervous!) to be fur parents for the very first time.

I’ll update you guys on how the puppy life is going very soon!

Felicia x