Senior Prom & High School Graduation


Good afternoon everyone! Finally, nearly a month after grad, I have recuperated from June, which was the busiest month of the year yet. Wrapping up my senior year of high school was incredibly exhausting, with two in-class exams and one formal exam on top of final projects, my end-of-year dance recital, graduation and a line-up of birthdays to celebrate. But I powered through and now I'm sitting back, soaking up the sun...ahhh....

Now that I've got more time on my hands, I've been downloading the pictures off my camera from everything I've been up to, and I came across the lovely pictures taken before my prom and at my graduation so I thought that I'd share them all with you.

My prom was really great and I think what made it special was the crowd of people I went with,  especially my strikingly handsome date. I was planning on doing a make-up look post for my prom make-up, but I completely ran out of time - I opted for a rose gold eye to accent my rose gold jewelry, with a subtle rose-coloured matte lip.

A few weeks later was my graduation, which was probably the most daunting of all my events at the end of the school year, but it was also really great once I went through it all. All my hard work this past year - the late nights spent studying, the times I had to turn down times to hang with friends to do homework, and full weekends spent putting together countless projects and essays - finally was rewarded as I was given my Ontario Secondary School Diploma and was given a certificate naming me an Ontario Scholar, putting me on the honour roll with an overall average of 88%.

High school was a roller coaster journey and I was so lucky that with hard work and determination, I went from getting a 70% average in grade ten to a nearly 90% average in grade 12. I can only hope that I can continue onto university with the same success that I had in my high school years.