A Parisian Cafe


IMG_3832IMG_3833IMG_3835IMG_3836IMG_3837IMG_3839 I am completely in love with cafes. I think that a quiet coffee shop is the loveliest place to spend a few hours relaxing and recharging. This evening, my mum and I took a trip down to idrive 360 on International Drive in Orlando to try out a cafe that we noticed the other day.

The cafe, iCafe de Paris, caught our interest because of how cute the patio is (seriously, it's adorable). We ordered a crepe to share, the Bella Paris (which is topped with Nutella, bananas, and strawberries) and each ordered a cup of coffee - my mum had a cappuccino, I had a caramel macchiato. The set-up of the cafe is really nice because they give you a number card to place on your table, and they bring your order straight to you. We took a seat on the patio (of course) and it didn't take long at all for our food and drinks to be brought to us.

The crepe was amazing. Seriously, it was absolute heaven. We both loved our drinks and would definitely return to this cafe in the future. But for sure, the setting of the cafe was what tied it all together. Our table on the patio faced directly onto the Orlando Eye (the large Ferris wheel, similar to the London Eye). We arrived just before sunset, so we got to see the Eye during daylight as well as at night. It's such a spectacular view. Not to mention, the cafe was playing great music haha :) We had an amazing night, chatting and sipping our coffee.


An Evening in Celebration 



Yesterday evening, my parents, boyfriend and I went to one of my favourite places in the world: Celebration, Florida. Founded and mostly controlled by the Walt Disney Company, it's an actual real-life Pleasantville and I absolutely love it. Every year around Christmas, the little town holds a big event where there's a fake skating rink and fake snowfall with festive tunes blaring out all around. We went down to see it all, and we also ate dinner at an old-fashioned diner called Market Street Cafe. It was all so beautiful and lit up - even all the residents of the old southern-style home got into the Christmas spirit. Afterwards, once we got home, Steven and I acted as the children we truly are and coloured in a $2.00 Disney children's colouring book. All in all, it was a very lovely evening