A Caribbean Adventure

As my first week of university has now come and gone, I look behind me at the summer that's gone by and realise just how great the past months were. My two-month-long holiday - which started in the final days of June in Memphis, Tennessee - went by so quickly that it seems like a distant, albeit amazing memory. In all of the whirlwind months in the sun, I lost track of time and neglected this blog, despite making a promise to myself to get back to regularly uploading posts. But when it comes down to it, there is, in my opinion, no better way to refresh my blog than with a picture-post (and short video) documenting my favourite part of my summer: the two-week Caribbean cruise that wrapped up my travels.

I've been on around 15 cruises in the twelve years since I took my first one, but this one made a case for being my favourite. The Carnival Magic lived up to the name and was enchanting the entire fourteen days that my family and Steven's family were aboard her. It's a been quite some time since I have taken a two-week cruise and despite being a frequent (and long-time) cruiser, there were still some ports on the itinerary I had yet to visit which made it exciting for everyone in our group.

To add to the fun, I celebrated my eighteenth birthday mid-way through the two weeks. At the stroke of midnight the entire bar sang me "Happy Birthday", the chorus lead by the bartenders behind the counter. Then on the way back to the cabin, I was approached by the cruise director, Good Reverend Dr. E (whom my family has become close with over past cruises) who had remembered to wish me a happy birthday. Those are just two of the ways that Carnival crew members go above and beyond to make a cruise special for you, which is why my family keep coming back to the same cruise line over and over again after all these years. Carnival doesn't just treat you like guests; they treat you like family, which makes the line so beloved to my family.

Over the course of the two weeks, Steven and I worked together to collect as many videos of our memories as we could, using a GoPro for a large portion of it. Now that summer has come to an end, I've put little bits of our film footage into a short video for a keepsake of our travels to share with friends, family and all of you. It was a tremendously exciting and adventurous two weeks, and I hope to be able to cruise again soon!


The Perfect Getaway


Hello everyone! So, as you might have noticed, I have been AWOL for the last little while - and by while, I mean a month. Typically, I'm the type of person who would post no matter what but the past three weeks I took a bit of a vacation from my technology-obsessed life and I spent my time on a road trip to Florida with my mum, my best friend and my boyfriend.

Before this trip, I was a one-hundred-percent road trip virgin. The longest drive I'd ever taken was to Montreal (which is about six hours away) so a drive that takes up two days - with a break overnight in between - and is 12 hours each day was incredibly daunting to me. Luckily, thanks to my lovely fellow travellers and a body pillow my boyfriend's sister bought me, I managed to get through the trip without hassle. Woo!

During the trip, we did a million different things, so much so that I can hardly remember everything we did. We went to Disney World, Universal Studios, I celebrated my 17th birthday on the 20th of August, and in the middle of the trip we went on a surprise cruise. Well, it was a surprise to me, at least! The five-day cruise through the Caribbean was my birthday gift from my parents which was so amazing.

So, in lieu of my absent posts throughout the past few weeks, I decided to post my favourite photos from the trip. I hope you guys enjoy a little peek into my trip! Warning: the rest of this post is very photo heavy.




Gorgeous sunset off the side of the ship out at sea

Professional photo of the boyfriend and I on board the ship

My favourite destination on our cruise: Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

You can always find the calmest water in the CaribbeanYou can always find the calmest water in the Caribbean

At Madame Tussauds Orlando, I got to take a photo with (a wax figure of) my all-time celebrity crush, Mr. David Beckham

Sometimes we take nice photos

Myself and my very good friend sitting on an ice cream bench in Bahamas