Blogmas 2018 Day Thirteen: Our Disney Christmas Tree

It’s probably no surprise to any of you that my favourite of our Christmas trees is the Disney tree. How could it not be?! We’ve spent so many years slowly building up the collection of Disney ornaments and last year, for the first time ever, we gave our Disney love a special place in our home. So today I thought I’d just chat a bit about our Disney tree, how we got all our ornaments, how we decorate the tree, etc. etc.

So our Disney tree is a regular sized, probably 7’ tall fake Christmas tree (for future ref, all our trees are fake! we’ve never had a real one!). At least 90% of the ornaments on our tree came from the parks at Walt Disney World and a few came from the Disney store which we just collected over the years. Like, I’m talking some of those date back to the very early 2000s.

Our Christmas topper and tree skirt are both from (I believe) the Disney store. They were from last year’s line of Christmas decorations and we absolutely love them both! Unfortunately, the topper - which has a battery pack to control the lights inside the decoration - is very dimly lit so you can hardly tell that it’s lit up sometimes. But other than that, it’s an extremely cute decoration!

We have a ton of different ornaments on our tree. Like, a ton. I think we might have started collecting ornaments back in 2012 or 2013, when we first started visiting the parks during the holidays. Before, they just went on our regular Christmas tree (at the time, we only had the one). Obviously, since the ornaments can fill their very own tree, you can probably tell that we’ve collected way more in the past couple years than we had ever intended to!!


We have all four park ornaments (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios) as well as the WDW main gates ornament. Fortunately, we picked them all up last year before they changed them!! I’m not a huge fan of the new park ornaments AT ALL. For Disney ornaments, they look quite cheaply made in my opinion and just don’t go with the look of the rest of our tree. The old ones, which we have, are quite sturdy and multi-dimensional which is really really nice.


Of course, I’ve also got ornaments for all my favourite Disney characters!! I’ve got quite a few ornaments of Belle, the other Beauty & the Beast characters, Rapunzel, Peter Pan, Princess Anna, and Olaf. I also very recently was gifted a Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday ornament (with the penguins!!!) from my boyfriend’s parents which is BEAUTIFUL and I am so so grateful to them for that!! Also, fun fact: in the Jolly Holiday scene, the penguins say my name to Bert!!! So, that scene is very near and dear to my heart, obviously.

We also have a couple ornaments dedicated to our beloved defunct Disney World attractions. As you may know, the last couple years have lost us quite a few long-standing Disney attractions and traditions such as Wishes and the Great Movie Ride - which are some of my favourites. Now I have the ornaments to commemorate those wonderful memories forever!!

If you’re thinking of building your own Disney Christmas tree, it’s not so difficult! Granted, it is quite expensive. Each ornament costs about $20 but sometimes much more, depending on how intricate or special the ornament is. However, Disney will often have sales like BOGO on their ornaments throughout the year, so make sure you look out for and take advantage of those! If you want to get your ornaments from the parks, you can absolutely do that!! I believe they have a Christmas shop in every Disney World park (maybe not Animal Kingdom… not too sure on that one) and one at Disney Springs as well. My favourite Christmas shop however is at Magic Kingdom, in the Liberty Square land. It’s sosososo cute and has a ton of ornament and decoration options. During other holidays, it will also have decor and merch for those (i.e. Halloween) so check that out! And you can also get ornaments personalized there for an additional price, which is pretty cool!!

Honestly, I think that having a Disney tree is just the perfect way to bring some of the magic home. Plus, collecting the ornaments throughout the year has become a really fun activity for my family to do together. And every year, we get so sentimental unwrapping all our ornaments to decorate the tree which is really fun!

Do you have any Disney ornaments or a Disney tree yourself?

Felicia x

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Blogmas 2018 Day Ten: How I Decorate For Christmas


Decorating in the Tarantino house is a huge part of Christmas. We don’t take it lightly whatsoever.

I truly believe that Christmas doesn’t begin until the decorations are up. And, luckily for me, we put the decorations up quite early in the season (Aka November 1st haha). I just think the house looks so much lovelier with festive decor around. When January comes around and we take everything down, the house looks so bare and sad for awhile!

When we moved into our new house last year, we realized just how much space we had for Christmas decorating. I think I mentioned this last year, but our last house - although it was a tad bigger - was hard to decorate because it had small rooms and everything was quite closed off. Our new house is more open-concept than the last, so there’s a lot more room for decorations! Every year, we add a little bit more to our decorations!

We have a whopping total of three Christmas trees, believe it or not. Our first tree is up in the front room of our house, where we have a really large window looking out into our court. Since it’s on display, this is more of a decorative tree than a functional or personal tree. We decided to go with a white tree because I always thought they were so stylish and cool, and it looks lovely with all the multi-coloured gold, silver, and rose gold ornaments!


Our second tree is in the family room of our house and it’s our “family tree.” It’s a display of all of the ornaments we’ve collected over the years, the ones that mean something to us. Each of my family members - my mum, my dad, me, my grandfather, my grandma, and my boyfriend - have an ornament with our names on them. One of my personal fav ornaments on this tree was actually one I bought this past year. It’s a turquoise ornament with tap shoes that says I Love Tap on it. I’ve been looking for a Tap ornament for about 13 years, since I started taking lessons when I was 7. I FINALLY came across one on my visit to Niagara-on-the-Lake in the spring and was sooo happy!!


Lastly, but perhaps best of all, is our Disney tree!! Yes, you read that right. We have a tree completely decked out in Disney ornaments. About 99% of these came from the Parks, but there were a few that we owned prior to starting this tree that were just from the Disney Store. It’s got ornaments for each WDW park, our favourite characters, our beloved lost attractions (RIP Wishes & Great Movie Ride), and just some cute reminders of our favourite place! I love the one that looks like a Minnie bauble as a Rockette - it’s made to look like the decorations in the storefronts at Hollywood Studios, which I absolutely love!

For years and years, I’ve been helping my mum put together her Christmas village which is one of our family’s long-standing traditions. We’ve had these little North Pole houses and shops from Kirkland for probably as long as I’ve been alive, if not longer. Last year, we added on a little bridge decoration which we found at Michaels. It reminded us a lot of our town’s 100-year-old bridge so we thought we’d add it in to commemorate our first Christmas in town! Although it’s often a pain to put together (the little people just won’t stand straight!!!) I think it always comes out looking so so cute.


Finally, we’ve got our little mantle set-up. In our last house, our fireplace mantle was more of a ledge than anything else. It held some photo frames and at Christmas, maybe a little ornament, but not much else. This one is bloody massive!! So much potential. The main piece is this Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas sign from Michaels which I just had to have as soon as I saw it.

What’s your favourite Christmas decoration in your house?

Felicia x

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