Baking Apple Crumble


Last week I decided, on a whim, that it was time to finally bake the apple crumble that I've been dying to bake for ages. Weeks ago, I stopped at an apple orchard on the way home from school and picked up a ton of apples, then cut them up and stored them in the freezer with intentions of baking this beloved autumnal dessert. But then I got busy, other things became a priority, blah blah blah, you know how it is. But last Friday, my mum and I went out, bought the ingredients we were missing, and then I baked this lovely dish.

It's probably important to mention that until baking said apple crumble (or 'apple crumbly' as I call it), I had never baked anything before in my life. I know, it's crazy that a nineteen-year-old has never baked before. But for my first attempt, it went very well, judging by the deliciousness of the forkful I snuck after it had cooled down :)

I used a recipe I found off Pinterest to bake my apple crumbly, as I found it was a very straight-forward guide that I could easily follow as a first-time baker. My apple crumbly turned out amazing. So I'm gunna have to give this recipe two big happy thumbs up. If you want to make your own apple crumbly, you can find the recipe I used here.

What is your favourite autumnal dessert or treat?

Felicia x