Review: Dumplin' - Julie Murphy

Title: Dumplin’

Author: Julie Murphy

Publisher: Balzer + Bray

Release Date: 15 September 2015

Pages: 371

My Rating: ★★★★

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“I guess sometimes the perfection we perceive in others is made up of a whole bunch of tiny imperfections, because some days the damn dress just won’t zip.”

Hello everyone!

Like everyone else, I recently watched the Netflix film adaptation of this book back in December when it was released to streaming. I had so badly wanted to read the book before I saw the film but with exams and all, I just didn’t have the time and let’s be honest I don’t have enough impulse control to stop myself. So, I gave in and watched the film and of course, I loved it. But then I read the book and it’s SO much better.

Dumplin’ has all the key elements of a great YA novel: fluffy romance, strong female characters, a complicated but enduring friendship. Oh, and of course, Dolly friggin’ Parton - hero to all. I’m a sucker for a good YA novel (new drinking game: take a shot every time I write that in a book review) and this one hit the mark.

I really liked how this book strayed from simply relying on stereotypes like a lot of other YA novels have. Not only in terms of just Willowdean, the main character, but also Bo. They could’ve made him just some other mysterious, handsome, obnoxious private school boy but instead, they made him a multifaceted character. They also avoided having Willowdean desperately pine over Bo and chase after him the entire book - in fact, he chases after her throughout the book. Willowdean is a strong character with her own ambitions and goals, and she also happens to have a crush on a boy.

I loved this book so much that I automatically recommended it to my bff after reading it, and then she read it and loved it just as much as I did.

Did you like the movie adaptation or the book better?

Felicia x