5 Concerts I Loved + 5 I Want to See


Hello everybody! One of my most favourite things in the world is going to concerts. People will sometimes say that they can just sit in their own home to listen to music and why should they pay $100+ to listen to it in concert, but I don't agree. There's something about the atmosphere of concerts that is so inexplicably amazing.

So today, I thought I might do a fun, casual sort of post, talking all about concerts - the five best ones that I've to, and five that I'd still love to go to someday! I've been lucky enough to see manyyyy concerts over the years, since my first one back in 2006, and yet there are still many I'd love to see.

5 Concerts I Loved

- the 1975 -

I think it's safe to say that The 1975 was my fav concert of all-time. This concert was a long time coming. I missed out on seeing them not once, but three times - twice in 2014, and then again in May 2016 - before FINALLY getting to see them in November 2016. My boyfriend and I took the Go train into downtown Toronto to see them at the Air Canada Centre which was hectic af but sooo much fun. The 1975 were my fav band in high school and although I didn't see them until I was in uni, it was still really special and they put on an incredible show.

- july talk - 

I actually saw July Talk during Welcome Week in my first year of uni, with my boyfriend and a friend from school. July Talk is one of my fav bands ever (if you don't know them, they're a Canadian alt-rock band) and I'd actually considered buying tickets to their Toronto show in October or November of that year but instead I saw them for free at school - which was obvs a bonus!! Since it was general admission and a pretty intimate venue (it's just a little field behind buildings), we got super close to the stage - in fact, close enough for the lead singer to crowd-surf right above our heads. So, it was one for the books, y'all.

- shawn mendes - 

If you've been around here for awhile, you probably know how much I love Shawn Mendes. I've seen him twice, both in the same year. The first time was at a concert in Universal Studios Orlando which had free entry for annual passholders (aka moi) with my boyfriend and then the second time was in St. Augustine with my mum that summer. Honestly, both concerts were fantastic exceptttttt both times, he was sick with a cold.... What are the odds?! Nevertheless, he was utterly fab and super lively, despite prob feeling like shit haha. Shawn Mendes is an incredible singer - and it helps that he's super cute (if you're reading this, sorry Steven!! haha) - and it was such a blessing that I got to see him. Even if both times it was over a thousand miles from the province we both live in!

- walk the moon -

Walk The Moon was kind of an unplanned, spontaneous thing, as in I hadn't ever really planned to see them live. The story goes that my high school friend and I were really into this Australian band called The Griswolds, and they announced that they were coming to Toronto as the opening act for Walk The Moon. So my friend and I started talking about seeing them, mostly joking, but then we both ended up being dead serious so we bought tickets on a total whim! The concert was at the Danforth Music Hall and since we were only like sixteen at the time, my parents drove us down and picked us up at the end (thanks mom & dad!!). It was a really, really good time - especially because we got to meet The Griswolds in the lobby!!! Def one of the good memories of high school

- ed sheeran - 

When I was fourteen, Ed Sheeran was my favourite singer. In fact, I was positively obsessed. I'm not even exaggerating when I say that all I listened to in grade nine was his "+" album on repeat. Anyway, so when I was fourteen, my then-best friend and I went down to Echo Beach in Toronto to see him and it was incredible. I've since seen Ed Sheeran a couple times (actually, 3 times, but who's counting?) and I've found that he never fails to put on a fantastic performance. He's an extremely talented guy and the fact that he does it all by himself, with just a loop pedal and his guitar, is hella impressive. His last album wasn't really my thing but hopefully on his next album, he'll find his way back to his original sound!

5 Concerts I Want to See

- paul simon - 

Paul Simon is #1 on my list of must-see concerts - but luckily for me, I get to see him this summer!! Paul Simon, oddly enough, has been a fav of mine for a long time, probably since 2013 or so. I really love his Graceland album in particular (my fav song is "Crazy Love, Vol. II" in case you're wondering). This summer, he's going on his Farewell Tour (I'm very emosh about it) and he's not going to all the states, so I'm actually flying to Nashville for a couple days with my mum to see him perform and do some sight-seeing! So that's going to be really awesome.

- john mayer - 

I've basically been in love with John Mayer for the better part of the last decade. I loved his music all throughout middle school, high school, and now uni. I've wanted to see him for ages now but, like The 1975, I just kept missing him. My dream concert would be him and Shawn Mendes together, which would be literal heaven but who knows if it'd ever happen lol

- queen - 

Oh my gosh. I just LOVE Queen. And I'm so dying to see them live. For obvious reasons, I wouldn't be able to see the full band perform, however my parents saw saw the remaining members perform with Adam Lambert a few years back and they said that he really fit with the band - ofc, he's no Freddie Mercury, but then again who is? I'd love to see them live and get a taste of what Queen once was in concert, back when Freddie was in the lead!

- arctic monkeys -

I've wanted to see Arctic Monkeys for ageeees - this seems to be a recurring theme, doesn't it? The last time I had an opportunity was in grade ten but no one would go with me. And then they went on a hiatus, sooo there was no way to see them. They're going on this summer but sadly I won't be in the country when they make their Toronto stop. So, I'll have to just keep on waiting!

- george ezra -

I first heard about George Ezra about a zillion* (*four) years ago, when I visited London and Paris with my family on a summer holiday. I picked up a magazine (I think it was Company) and there was an article about this up-and-coming singer named George Ezra. I got curious so I wrote down his name and when I got home, I downloaded a few of his songs. I just loved his music!! He has such an incredible, deep voice and his songs are super catchy. He plays a lot of feel-good music and I think his concerts would be a really good time!

What concerts have you loved that you've been to? What concerts do you want to see? 

Felicia x