25 Facts About Me


♥ 1. I'm obsessed with anything that is s'mores or cookie-dough flavoured. ♥ 2. My favourite Disney characters are Belle and Aladdin.

♥ 3. I travelled to New York City and Italy before I turned a year old.

♥ 4. There are more than 100 titles in my book collection.

♥ 5. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be a hard tie between NYC and London.

♥ 6. My favourite tv show of all time is Gilmore Girls & I've watched the series about ten times all the way through.

♥ 7. Most of what I like is from the 90s: celebrity crushes, tv shows, movies, and fashion.

♥ 8. Despite having big city dreams, I much prefer small town life.

♥ 9. If I'm in the midst of reading a novel, I become totally oblivious to my surroundings. I hear nothing around me, which my family finds hilarious.

♥ 10. I have no middle name! Everyone always thinks 'Rene' is my middle name, when actually my first name is hyphenated as Felicia-Rene.

♥ 11. I am a huge sucker for chick-flicks, especially those from the 90s/early 2000s.

♥ 12. I am so in love with dogs. Not a day goes by where I'm not talking about them, squealing when I see them on the street, and/or showing my mum countless videos/pictures of them.

♥ 13. If you gave me a few hundred bucks to spend on anything, I'd spend it mostly on books and the rest on makeup.

♥ 14. I am terribly picky and rarely try new foods.

♥ 15. It is my greatest dream to become a writer.

♥ 16. I am wholly fascinated by the French Revolution. It started when I visited Versailles in 2014. Ever since I've devoted a good portion of my life to learning as much about the era of history as I can.

♥ 17. I become so easily emotional. I can't get through the finale episodes of Dance Academy, Friends, Will and Grace, or Gilmore Girls without crying.

♥ 18. The thought of roller coasters/thrill rides absolutely terrifies me to the point of physically shaking.

♥ 19. I am constantly recalling the most random, insignificant memories of my life. It's simultaneously hilarious and bizarre.

♥ 20. For years my boyfriend teased me about my poor eyesight and finally, last year I had an eye exam to prove him wrong. I went home with a schedule of annual appointments with an optometrist and a pair of glasses I have to wear like 70% of the day, every day. Yikes.

♥ 21. My favourite restaurant in the whole world is Jack Astor's and I always get the Asiago Chicken Bowties as my entrée.

♥ 22. Every year I become less tolerant of Canadian winters.

♥ 23. I love driving, even though I had no interest to drive until I was nearly eighteen.

♥ 24. I know the lyrics to thousands of songs. Listening to the radio, it is very uncommon that a song comes on that I don't know at least some words to. Especially if it's from the '00s.

♥ 25. My first ever concert was Hilary Duff about twelve years ago. Since then, I've seen thirty-something artists perform in concert.


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