NYC: Rockefeller Center + Museum of Modern Art

Welcome back to my New York City blog series! This is the third day of my mini-holiday in the city. If you're looking for my day one and two New York City posts, you can find them here and here!

In the morning, my boyfriend was, unfortunately, unwell, so we stayed back at the hotel while my parents went to see Rockefeller Center and Central Park. They walked around for a couple hours while my boyfriend rested in the hotel and I kept him company, and though we did miss out on some of the sights, my parents got some amazing pictures to share with us. This also happened to be the day that we decided to start to experiment with my camera's Super Vivid filter, which you can see made a huge difference in the quality of the photos.


In the early afternoon, we met up with my parents and headed to the Museum of Modern Art, which was one of my definite must-dos while in the city. I'm a huge art fanatic so I was really excited to see what the MoMA had to offer. This museum offers more recent artwork, dating back to the 1800's up until the present. Though I'm not hugely keen on contemporary art, I found myself liking quite a few pieces including Andy Warhol's work and the Drowning Girl painting by Roy Lichtenstein. Above all, however, my absolute favourite contribution to the museum was Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night, which is arguably my favourite painting of all time and the main reason why we visited the MoMA.


After the Museum of Modern Art, we headed to Times Square to dine at the Olive Garden. We were lucky enough to get a table at the window which looks out over a portion of Times Square, so we had a nice view while we ate. Afterwards, we popped into both the giant M&M's and Hershey's stores and awed over the huge selection of chocolate in each. We spent the rest of the night walking around the city, enjoying the nighttime atmosphere, before heading back to our hotel room to rest up for our last day in the city.

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