What's in my bag? 2017


I can't believe it's been two years since I last uploaded a "what's in my bag" post! So much has changed since 2015, I think that now is good as time as any to update my bag contents for my blog readers.

The Bag

FullSizeRender-5 Currently, I have been using this purse which is a black Kate Spade bowling-style bag. I bought it a few years ago at a massive fourth of July sale at Kate Spade and I still use it frequently. It has gold hardware and a long strap, as well as two shorter straps at the top. I typically use the long strap, just because it allows me to have both hands available without being restrained. It carries quite a bit, which is saying a lot since I am a typically big bag kind of gal, and this purse leans more towards the small side for me. You can see how much it fits in the photo below. It has three interior pockets, one with a zipper and two without, which is sufficient for me. Although I usually like to have dividers in my purses, I like the one open space in this, as I'm able to fit as much as I'd like without worrying about it getting too stuffed. 





Being an English major, it's probably no surprise that I always (and I do mean always) carry a book on me. As of a few days ago, that book is The Marriage Plot by one of my favourite authors, Jeffery Eugenides. I basically pull this out whenever I'm alone on some sort of transportation, or if I'm stuck in a waiting room or something. I also carry around this mini journal (picture on the left) with a Swarovski pen that has a little red dress medallion hanging from it. This is for whenever I have something I need to jot down immediately, like an idea for a story or an essay or even just an important date.


One of the biggest differences from my 2015 "Whats in my bag" post to now is my space-consuming glasses. About a year ago, I was persuaded by my boyfriend and my mum to have an eye exam (much to my dismay) and I had to get glasses. Then, last fall I got my g1 license - and later, my g2 license - which required me to get prescription sunglasses so that I can drive and actually see the road ahead of me. My sunglasses are the classic Ray-Ban wayfarer style, and my actual glasses are Ralph Lauren (in a very similar style to the Ray-Ban wayfarer, actually).


I also carry around a little baggie of beauty and hygienic products. Wherever I go, I must have my Blistex Lip Medex lip balm, which I have been carrying around since 2015. It is a life saver, my lips would not forgive me if I didn't liberally apply this balm. I carry around 3 lipsticks (because, you know, one is just not enough): NYX Lip Lingerie, Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour, and L'Oreal Matte Liquid Lipstick - all in nude pink shades. Lastly, I bring a hand lotion, such as my current Bath & Body Works Paris Amour lotion, and a hand sanitizer, like Germ-X. Lately, I've been using my February Ipsy bag to carry all of these products, and it's been quite useful.


Last, but certainly not least, is my wallet. Again, Kate Spade and black with gold embellishments. The inside is very cluttered (hence why it's not pictured), but it is separated into 3 sections, with a zippered pouch in the middle. Currently, inside my wallet are: receipts, some cash, my credit card, my debit card, a Cineplex Scene Rewards card, my CAA membership card, a coupon for McDonalds McFlurries, change, my student ID and bus pass, my Presto Go pass, my driver's license, my Ontario Health Insurance card, my Starbucks card, and a polaroid photo of my boyfriend.

Not pictured is a few Purell hand sanitizer wipes from Chick-Fil-A (lol) and my car keys which are hooked to a lanyard with my school's name stamped on it.