Dreamy Disney Halloween Decorations

  I absolutely adore Disney's Halloween themed decorations! Every year, I cannot wait to come to the Magic Kingdom in October to walk down Main Street, surrounded by little pumpkins and colourful leaves. Although we didn't get to attend Mickey's Not So Halloween Party and dress up in costumes, like we did last year, it was still so fun to just see everything all done up.

Our trip began this week on Canadian Thanksgiving, and it does mean a lot to me that the people most important to me were all gathered in my favourite place. I am so thankful that I have an amazing group of people surrounding me, and that I get the opportunity to come down to Orlando as often as I do. So many people don't have the chance to travel very often, or even at all, so I am extremely grateful that I get to see so many places around the world with my family and my boyfriend by my side.