A Stroll Down the Boardwalk

  Sometimes, when you have just endured a very challenging time in your life, you need to just take a step away and find a serene place to take a deep breath. Just a moment of relaxation is crucial when you've been stressed for some time and it's always quite nice to go someplace that makes you feel at home, even if that specific place isn't actually home.

For me, that place is Disney's Boardwalk. It's one of Walt Disney World's best-hidden gems, one I've adored to a great extent for many many years, ever since I was a young girl. There's a distinct quality that attracts me to the Boardwalk, likely it's old-timey charm. It's styled in an early late 19th-early 201th century way, really making me want to don a tall-necked, Gibson Girl dress and a broad-brimmed hat the whole time I stroll down the wooden stretch. There are a few buildings lining the water, all matching the theme; a General Shop, a dance club and an inn amongst them. This breezy escape just really makes me feel quite cheerful and cozy, but most importantly, it makes me feel completely tranquil.

I hope you all have your own lovely bit of serenity. If you do, what is it?

Until next time,