It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

Good morning everyone! After spending the day yesterday decorating my house to reflect my Christmas spirit and watching all three of Tim Allen's Santa Clause films, I am in a very festive mood and decided to share my wonderful day - through photographs - with all of you!

I love Christmas time. It's such a lovely time of year, with the snow falling and fire crackling and baked sweets galore. And decorating is definitely the best part of the whole season. I love putting up the tree and looking through all our decorations. Now, though I love the look of trees with a specific colour scheme of ornaments, I prefer when the ornaments are more personal and somewhat of an organized mess of colours. Some of my favourite ornaments on my tree are red ones that say my family's names on them, an ornament of a reindeer couple with mine and my boyfriend's names on it, and a snowman with a photograph of my family when I was first born. I think having personal ornaments on the tree just makes the whole atmosphere mean more to the individual, despite how messy it may look!

I hope all of you are enjoying the start of the Christmas season. And if you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you're enjoying a nice cup of cocoa :)