Hello, my lovelies!

Nice to meet ya! My name’s Felicia and I’m the gal behind The Bookish Brunette.

Currently, I’m studying English and History at McMaster University which means that at any given time, I can throw out some facts about Jane Austen or the Bronze Age of Ancient Greece.

I live in a rural part of southern Ontario, Canada but spend a lot of my time in the Most Magical Place on Earth! I’ve been a Walt Disney World Annual Passholder since 2012 and Disney fan since birth. I love to chat about the parks as well as Disney films always.

About The Bookish Brunette

The Bookish Brunette officially launched in 2018 as my occasional escape from the real world. During my year-long break from university, I decided to take on a more serious approach and began blogging frequently.

My blog is a melting pot of all the things I’m passionate about. Mostly, you’ll find me chatting about Disney and the numerous book-worlds that I escape to while I work towards my university degree. I also blog about being a university student, a dog mom, and my life with Social Anxiety Disorder.

If you’re interested in reading my book reviews, you can find my Review Index here. If you fancy having me review your book, you can find my Review Policy here. I’m also totally open to book recommendations, so if you’ve read something great recently, let me know through social media or email!

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Hope you enjoy your stay! Felicia x


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